Our Team
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Share 2 Care Now Team


Markus Winzer


As the founder of the Share 2 Care Now Campaign, Markus is out to make a difference with people and companies, so that we have a better world.
With his 16 years experience, Markus made a difference to companies like Siemens, Roy Morgan Research, Telstra and Nokia in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Combining business, people transformation and design thinking knowledge and consulting methods, Markus is able to impact companies and individuals to achieve what they want.


Gergana Kiryakova

Co-founder and Head Ambassador

Gergana has been in IT and cyber security various roles for over 10 years, she is currently the Director for Ground Labs, managing Australia and New Zealand region. Gergana has always been passionate about people’s happiness and she believes in social empowerment. She immediately supported Markus with the Share2Care project because of the profound impact mental health issues had on her own life. Two of her closest people had severe mental health problems that led to tragic ends. Gergana then has then embarked on a journey to understand and support people who suffer from mental health challenges. As head ambassador she’s committed to make sure that every ambassador can make a difference. Gergana and Markus are also the inventors of the ‘bite the lemon’ challenge which is out to tell the uncomfortable truth and disrupt the bias while standing for people to get certified with the Mental Health First Aid course.


Laura Lum

Dr Laura Lum is the Director of Elanora Heights Medical Practice where she runs a Psychology Clinic and a Digestive Health Clinic. She is actively involved in research focusing on improving psychological therapies, gut health and the mind-gut connection. She has also conducted research into Emotional Intelligence, Personality, Identity and Intercultural Psychology. These systems are intricately linked and influence a number of crucial markers for health.


Simon Turmanis

I am a Psychologist who is an extremely caring, warm, open, helpful, respectful, supportive, encouraging, hardworking and compassionate person. I am very passionate about helping people reduce their suffering and will want to understand the unique way you are suffering or struggling to cope.


Lahaina Daudt

Lahaina Daudt is a Brazilian Photographer, passionate about all facets of the art form of photography. Fascinated by the ability to capture and orchestrate a moment, the composition, and realising that the subtle details are usually the most captivating, Lahaina’s photographs are sure to stimulate the senses. Specialised in Portrait, Pregnancy & Family photography, Weddings and other Events.


Lili Joy

Lili has been surrounded by music her whole life and her passion eventually became a career choice within the sunny Sydney club scene. The sun laced water-front bars became a perfect setting for the tropical style which Lili developed. She has since gone on to tour the country performing live sets with a band, performed at festivals across the country. Lili is resident at Burning Seed Festival and hosts a weekly sunset event for 6 months per year which also raises environmental awareness.


Rachael Berry

Rachael is a singer, actress, songwriter, vocal coach and recording artist who throughout the past 25 years has worked with high calibre recording artists such as Christine Anu, Marcia Hines, Renee Geyer, John Paul Young and Mark Holden. She is also a private tutor for singing and guitar enthusiasts as well as a tutor for the ‘Come and Sing’ Holiday program.


Loeby Lovato

Loeby is a creative strategist, researcher, facilitator who has achieved organizational outcomes through the use of practical and theoretical frameworks. His work has spanned projects from a range of sectors including FMCG, SaaS, B2B, B2C, Fintech, Education, Pharmaceutical, Construction, and Non-for-Profit environments.


Leah Leys

Leah Leys has spent the last 14 years spreading love, sharing kindness & joy, cultivating healthy eating habits and encouraging open positive communication in families.

As a Professional Nanny on Sydneys Northern beaches Leah has supported many families in raising multiple children whilst builiding their careers and maintaining balance duiring what can be lifes most challnging moments.